What happens if a product/colour/size is unavailable?

We will immediately inform you of any size or colour shortages from our suppliers or our own stock. You then have the options of changing your colour or size breakdown of your order, or if that’s not possible, you can leave the missing items on backorder and we will advise you as soon as they become available.

What is the minimum order required if we want our logo put on your products?

1 Screen-printing - The minimum order required for your logo to be screen-printed onto headwear , clothing or bags is 30 prints of the same size logo in the same coloured ink.

If you need your logo in different sizes then a minimum of 30 prints is required for each size logo.

If you need your logo in a different colour then a minimum of 30 prints is required for each colour change.

We recommend choosing items in colours that allow the same colour print on all.

2 Embroidery - The minimum order for your logo to be embroidered onto headwear and clothing is 20.

If you need to change the stitch colour combination of your logo (as it may not suit certain coloured backgrounds) then a minimum of 10 is required for each colour combination change.

3 Transfers - The minimum order for heat pressed transfer logos is 50 of the same size transfer and same colour combination, whether single colour or multi colour transfers. 

Can we get samples of products before we place an order?

We are happy to send out samples that will show you the materials , colours and sizes for our product range.

Samples requested will be invoiced as per our standard price list. Samples must be returned to us by the due date shown on the invoice. A credit will be issued when samples are returned. If you wish to keep the sample products then full payment of invoice is required by the due date.

All samples are to be returned in the original condition in which they were sent.

As you would appreciate, we have requests for hundreds of samples every year from both existing and new customers and we therefore must enforce our return/payment policy of samples.

What artwork is suitable ?

The best artwork that you can send us is “Camera ready” which means that the artwork submitted can be immediately transferred to film for the screen making process. It must be good resolution, so that detail is not lost, preferably “Vector art” which is artwork used by screenprinters and vinyl cutters etc and can be edited in graphics programs. It is defined by outlines rather than being just a picture of the logo (as in jpegs etc). If you can provide camera ready art, there’s usually no artwork charge. They are usually CorelDraw (cdr) or Adobe Illustrator (ai) files. However customers often have only scanned letterheads, drawings or website images, which can’t be edited. In that case an artwork charge will apply.

Our graphic artist is available to discuss with you, any adjustments that may be required to your artwork.

For direct screen-printing it is advisable to avoid very thin lines, thin text font or very intricate detail. Fine detailed logos are better suited to heat pressed transfers

Can I have my order sent to my home address?

Our couriers do not have authority to leave shipment at unattended addresses. We will only send to centres which are open during normal business hours, or to a business address that’s open during these hours. Unfortunately home addresses can’t always have someone home, and you can bet that’s when the courier will turn up with your shipment.